Cake or death at Princi

February 6th, 2010

Cake from Princi

Cake please. Never has there been a bakery or patisserie that I have walked past and longed quite so hard to have one of everything behind the counter.

I have been a very good boy on every occasion that I’ve been to Princi in the past though and merely left a nice puddle of drool on the counter, then walked out empty handed mumbling to myself and wishing that cake could be consumed without the side effects of causing spontaneous man boobs or faux male pregnancy.

Today to mark the first holiday of 2010 (not to mention the first holiday I’ve had since the end of 2008), I decided why the hell not, I will have cake please.

For those that have yet to fall in lust with Princi, talk a walk down Wardour Street and it’s really quite hard to miss it. It’s the one with the gigantic glass window that lets you see straight into their huge traditional ovens and see their squat of immaculately presented Italian staff pulling fresh delights from the oven and putting some new interesting treats in.

You get the real deal at Princi, it’s the first branch in London of a Milan boutique bakery chain by gourmet baker Rocco Princi. The layout is a bit crazy, all the seating is communal and service is hectic at best, shove your way to the front and try to get the attention of one of the crazy Italians serving.

Incidentally, I did not eat both cakes shown in the picture, I had half of each and the other halves are being given to my mum as a token of thanks for kindly offering to give me and my luggage a lift to the station tomorrow before I catch a plane to somewhere considerably warmer than London!

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