Jump (Yegam Theatre)

November 10th, 2009

Jump (Yegam Theatre)

It was my birthday this weekend (not quite zimmer frame age); surprisingly I’d planned ahead earlier last week and figured that I would be pretty hungover on the Sunday following birthday drinks and thus it would be good to have some light entertainment, so I booked tickets to see Jump at the Peacock Theatre.

The advertisements all over the London Underground at the moment tout Jump as a Korean martial arts / dance / sit-com. If you just saw ‘sit-com’ and let out a little ‘huh?’ then you can join the club!

It’s a bit easy to spoil the plot with this one, so if you’re spoiler averse then look away now.

The show is based around a Korean family who are passionate about martial arts, grandfather is the strict boss of the family, mum and dad are always fighting with each other, uncle is the clown of the family and a drunk,  daughter is a bit of a hussy and son-in-law has severe split personalities!

Two unsuspecting burglars stumble into the family home and get a lot more than they expected when they try to take on this not so defenceless family!

Kids will love this show, but in terms of plot there isn’t really all that much depth there for adults.

That said, the martial arts will leave most people amazed with some of the moves literally looking like the cast have had to bend space time to achieve them, that or broken the rules of gravity.

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