Build Your Own Burger at Cheeky Pete’s

May 15th, 2009

It’s Friday, none of the usual lunch bunch at work were particularly hungry, but it was that time and we had no clue what we wanted to eat. Aimlessly stumbling through East London we walked towards Peticote Lane and stumbled across Cheeky Pete’s, which had a claim to fame on it’s menu outside of 8,000 different burger topping combinations.

You feel like you’re entering some sort of strip joint as you head down the stairs of the entrance, and it wouldn’t surprise me if maybe it does kick off in there after hours, but it was mostly filled with suits from the city to be honest.

There isn’t a menu as such, you’re given a small clipboard with a form to fill out to pick what you’d like in your burger (chicken, beef, falafel), which 5 toppings (or more for 50p extra per topping) you’d like from the toppings list, and which sauces you’d like. Then you can pick a drink, and if it’s a soft drink you get free refills.

Not being that hungry in the first place, we were pretty astonished when what arrived actually looked less like a burger and more like a man-made mountain, with a side of fries.

I ordered a 6oz beef burger, with bacon, cheese, tomato, gherkin, salad and red onion with horseradish mayo and tomato ketchup. I was utterly defeated by it; I seriously don’t even think that I can move from my desk at work now, and I’m really quite appreciative that the lift was working for once.

The burger itself was a bit over-seasoned (too much salt), but in general it was pretty decent, the fries were good, and despite being very cramped, the atmosphere is pretty good and the staff are friendly.

You’re not a number at Cheeky Pete’s, you actually give your name to be called by when your order is ready, kind of nice to be treated like a human being rather than another table to serve.

Definately intend to have a return visit, but maybe like, in a month or so when I’ve recovered.


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