Mezé at The Real Greek

April 30th, 2009

This afternoon one of the clients that I’ve been technical lead for over the past year and a half took us out to celebrate the success of the project, and sharing is caring, so our project manager booked us in at The Real Greek in Spitalfields Market.

I’ve been tempted by The Real Greek in the past, but to be honest the pricing always scared me and my colleagues away from going in, that and I was worried that the portions wouldn’t exactly be on the generous side.

The atmosphere inside it pretty nice, it’s all very modern and swanky, doesn’t feel too crowded (though maybe that’s because there was hardly anybody in there), and the waiters are pretty quick at serving you.

The mezé menu is great with lots of choices, the mains menu however is severely lacking in variety. We opted to just order a load of mezé and share it between us, my memory is a bit vague of exactly what we ordered, but this is what I can remember:

  • Flatbread (with Koliosalata, Spiced Hummus, Htipiti and Santorinian?)
  • Skewers of lamb (lots of them)
  • Grilled octopus
  • Bifteki with Yoghurt
  • Chicken Souvlaki
  • Greek Salad

Overall the food was pretty tasty, not exactly amazing, but still nice. Between six of us, what we ordered wasn’t really enough, but that’s probably our own fault for not ordering enough. Portions were pretty small for the mezé dishes, especially for the prices charged, ordering more could lead to severe wallet suffering.

I probably won’t be going back to The Real Greek until the next client decides to take us to lunch there ;)

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